Connect your integrated care team to your healthcare & wellness information.
Experience a new way of supporting healthy lifestyles by keeping connected to your integrated care team and sharing insights about your health with them.
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Southcentral Foundation introduces
A new way for you to connect with your integrated care team.
MyNukaConnect lets you track the data collected by remote monitoring devices like smart watches or blood pressure cuffs and share it with your integrated care team at Southcentral Foundation.
Keep in sync with your care team, easily and securely
Keep track of your data and let your integrated care team have a better idea of how you’re feeling. Share your vitals and ask for help via chat when you need.
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Is MyNukaConnect used to contact my primary care provider?
What if I lose or break any of the devices provided?
Do I need to pay for any of the devices provided?
How long do I need to push information to the MyNukaConnect app?
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